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The University of Innovative Distribution has much to offer. Influence, implement, and integrate your skills and abilities with six course tracks and hands-on experience to support immediate application in your work environment. Course tracks include:

  • Distribution Strategy: Courses in this track will help distributors evaluate performance and identify opportunities for improvement. In addition, learn how to grow profit by aligning your pricing structure with your company’s overarching goals to improve the bottom line.
  • Leadership and Professional Development: Courses in this track will teach the skills needed to become effective leaders in a diverse workplace. Participants will learn how to respond to crises and economic disruption effectively and efficiently.
  • Management: Courses in this track are intended to help managers build a culture of success—creating healthy work environments that encompass trust and respect. Learn how to identify gaps in productivity, successfully onboard and train new hires, and clearly define realistic expectations for the future.
  • Marketing: Courses in this track will teach you how to become a more effective marketer—creating stories that resonate with your customers. Additionally, you will learn how to implement new and emerging sales and marketing technology to grow revenue for your company.
  • Operations: Courses in this track will teach you how to build profitable operations and a well-rounded customer service experience. Move the needle on operational performance by learning how to select, implement, and apply technological advances that work.
  • Sales: Courses in this track will teach you how to perfect your sales and negotiation skills. Learn the key elements of sales management, how to reach the right people with the right message, and how to implement effective go-to-market strategies.
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Important Member Registration Details: Please follow the instructions below to receive the member rate when filling out the registration form for UID:

  • In Step 1: Registration Details, select member as the Registrant Type.
  • In Step 2: Registration Choices, select the association (SHDA) your company holds membership to in the second dropdown menu.

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