SHDA’s mission is to continually improve, through education and services, the proficiency of Security Distributors in order that they are the most effective and efficient conduit to the marketplace.

47th Annual Industry Advancement Summit

April, 2017 

Pointe Hilton Squaw Peak 

Phoenix, AZ

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Over 300 industry professionals joined together at the Pointe Hilton Squaw Peak in Phoenix, AZ for SHDA's 47th Annual Industry Advancement Summit. The event featured an astounding educational session with Sam Richter, exceptional networking events, and the most vital part of attending the Summit, One-One-Sessions, all of which provided invaluable business opportunities for the attendees.

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 2018 Save The Date

Mark your calendar for SHDA's 48th Industry Advancement Summit scheduled for April 30 through May 4, 2018 at the completely renovated and updated Embassy Suites Dallas-Frisco!

SHDA's Value -         Sean Steinmann

John Burke (left) and Sean Steinmann (right)

I initially joined the SHDA committees and board to volunteer for and support the association and the annual Summit that had added value to our company. Only after being involved in SHDA at this level did I realize the vital function it had in helping to keep our channel viable and strong. I developed the belief that no matter how well we run our business, we will be in trouble if security hardware distributors aren’t seen as the most effective way to get products to market. Because of this, I believe that while volunteering because “it’s the right thing to do” is still extremely valid, the more pressing reason for someone in my position to become involved can be indirectly tied to the long term success of their company.

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 Service First Processing

Service First Processing (SFP) is a leading provider of credit card and ACH / check processing services. We make accepting credit cards simple, efficient and more profitable for your company. SHDA and SFP have put together a special “members only program” that is designed to reduce your cost of credit card processing while improving your level of service and support. 

This new member program can enhance your company’s profitability through 3 easy steps:

  • SFP will provide your company a savings proposal based on your business unique processing needs and our consultative analysis.
  • If you decide to try the SHDA / SFP program you will be provided with the necessary equipment and training as well as a 60 Day Trial Period.
  • In addition to your initial cost reduction, ten percent (10%) of the net processing revenue that SFP generates from your account will be rebated back to you on an annual basis.

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NAM Weekly Economic Report

SHDA is pleased to announce that the organization is now a member of NAM, the National Association of Manufacturers. NAM is the largest manufacturing association in the United States, representing small and large manufacturers in every industrial sector and in all 50 states. Here is access to NAM’s weekly Economic Report, as well as the latest Global Manufacturing Update so you can stay on top of industry trends and global marketplace developments. We hope that you find this weekly information useful.


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Education Opportunities with DHI

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Education is a cornerstone of DHI - the content of our magazine, experiences at our events, variety of classes and technical schools, and opportunities to volunteer as an instructor or author, as well as our credential and certification programs that are highly respected marks of industry expertise. DHI education is important to becoming a door security + safety professional.

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October 31 - November 2, 2017

The Four Pillars of the Sales Professional

October Training Camp with Don Buttrey

Dayton, Ohio

March 11-14, 2018

University of Innovative Distribution

JW Marriott Indianapolis Hotel

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